Route Story
The southern Hokkaido area has become even more of a traffic hub since the opening of the Shinkansen line. The route here is filled with Hokkaido history and the natural scenery of the Sea of Japan.

313㎞ 6H31M

Hakodate Station
1.Roadside Rest Area "Misogi-no-sato Kikonai"
A base-point for sightseeing in southern Hokkaido with a restaurant run by a renowned chef and a "tourism concierge".
584 652 020*86
2.Matsumae Castle
The last Japanese-style castle built in the country.
862 058 310*16
3.Oiwake-Soran Line
An excellent drive along the coast filled with strangely shaped rock formations and incredible views.
4.Roadside Rest Area "Kaminokuni-Monju"
Recommended when you're seeking information about the Sea of Japan. The restaurant has been praised for offering a panoramic view of the sea.
807 791 655*88
5.Japanese frigate Kaiyō Maru
An actual-size restoration of the former Kaiyō Maru army's frigate, which sunk in the waters around Esashi in 1868.
1108 104 558*11
6.Takise Coast
White cliffs line this mysterious and beautiful coastline. Make sure to check out Kuguri Rock, which was drilled through for herring fishing.
482 750 147*64
7.Harvester Yakumo
Dine on authentic pizza made with local vegetables and seafood and baked in a brick oven.
687 518 014*41
8.Ōnuma Quasi-National Park
Enjoy a variety of activities at the lakes and marshes both large and small.
86 815 506*60
9.Shirotai Pasture Observatory
Take in the view from the other side of the one from Mt. Hakodate.
86 610 527*26
Hakodate Airport