Route Story
Take in the natural scenery on a drive through the northern Hokkaido area, such as Cape Soya, Lake Kutcharo, Beniya Wildflower Garden. This is also a production center for representative Hokkaido products, such as Sarufutsu scallops and milk.

238km 4H58M

Wakkanai Airport
1.White Road & Souya Cape
A white road paved with scallop shells and Japan's northernmost cape.
998 067 384*41
2.Sarufutsu Park
Tourist information center at the northernmost village in Japan.
680 591 232*60
3.Kutcharo Lake
The lakeside features incredible natural scenery. Camping and hot springs are also available.
644 746 659*71
4.Beniya Natural Flower Garden
Over 100 kinds of flowers bloom at the nature park.
644 808 625*70
5.Toyotomi Hot Splings
Features lower temperature baths to help you recover, in addition to the typical hot springs.
530 851 549*25
6.Otonrui wind power plant
A magnificent landscape featuring a straight 3.1 km line of windmills.
7.Sunset hill parking
Overlooking Rishiri and Reibun Islands, this spot is known for its sunsets.
Wakkanai Airport