Prohibited matters

Please be mindful of the manners here during your trip through Hokkaido.

We all need to work together to preserve Hokkaido's abundant natural environment.

Do not enter farmlands
Entering farmlands without permission is prohibited.
Doing so may cause infections or spread of pathogens that kill the crops.
Be careful of wild animals
Many wild animals live in Hokkaido. Giving them food can destroy the ecosystem. Be careful not to get close to these animals.
Do not litter
Littering destroys the environment, damages the landscape and hurts wild animals.
Be considerate when using restrooms
The restrooms are for everyone to use. Please keep the restrooms clean in consideration of the people who use them after you.
Be considerate when parking
Parking on private property or in the parking lots of convenience stores and other facilities is prohibited when you are not a patron. Use a paid parking lot.