Route Story
This route features many magical areas, such as the world heritage site Shiretoko with its thriving wildlife, Lake Kami-no-Ko with waters so clear you can see the bottom and the mysterious Lake Mashu. Enjoy a variety of hot springs, such as Akanko Onsen and Kamuiwakkayu-no-Taki.

448km 9H4M

Memanbetsu Airport

first day

1.Non Keyland Higashimokoto
The base-point is on the way the world heritage site, Shiretoko
305 050 115*60
2.Kaminoko Pond
The water is so clear you can sea the bottom.
910 216 110*84
Overlooks forests, hills and pastures.
976 104 357*54
A desolate wetland called "the edge of the world".
941 610 528*23
5.Shibetsu Salmon Science Museum
An aquarium where you can see displays of varieties of salmon that live throughout the world.
448 854 798*38
6.Shiretoko Five Lakes
Five mysterious lakes nestled in primeval forest.
757 730 275*57
7.Kamuiwakka Hot spring fall
A massive natural hot spring with warm waters representative of Shiretoko.
757 855 178*70
8.Oshinkoshin WaterFall
Take the stairs up the height of the middle of the waterfall.
894 727 262*08
Syari Town(STAY)

second day

9.Road leads to heaven
A straight road the continues straight under a vast, open sky.
10.Koshimizu Natural Flower Garden
Take in all the colors in a natural garden of Hokkaido's flowers.
958 080 636*28
11.Drift ice highway Abashiri
A traffic hub and sightseeing base with views of the Sea of Okhotsk and Shiretoko.
305 678 310*08
12.Abashiri Prison
This outdoor-history museum is open to the public. The building has been preserved from its former use as a prison.
305 583 180*45
13.Kussharo Lake
This cobalt blue lake is the 6th largest in Japan.
638 087 049*01
14.Sand steamed hot spring
Take a dip in the lake then dig into the sand to enjoy a hot bath.
638 148 559*13
15.Sulfur Mine
Enjoy the unique smell of sulphur and incredible scenery filled with alpine plant life.
731 713 552*48
16.Masyu Lake First Scenic Viewpoint
The most popular observation deck to look at Lake Mashu.
613 781 370*01
Akanko Onsen(STAY)