Route Story
The route features eastern Hokkaido wilderness, such as the Kushiro Wetlands registered at the Ramsar Convention, the grand Cape Kiritappu and Cape Nosappu with its gorgeous sunrises. You won't soon forget Akkeshi oysters and other blessings of the Pacific Ocean.

399㎞ 7H15M

Tanchou Kushiro Airport
1.Kushiro Marsh Observatory
Take in views of the sweeping Kushiro Wetlands and the city.
149 548 538*70
2.Akkeshi Gourmet Park
A roadside rest stop with delicious cuisine filled with the flavors of the mountains and waters of the area.
637 191 563*53
3.Kiritappu Cape
You may even catch seals at play in the waters along the majestic coastline of Cape Kiritappu.
614 590 066*74
4.Ochiishi Cape
Take in views of beautiful, untouched nature.
1043 269 719*60
5.Nosappu Cape
You can see the earliest sunrise in Hokkaido from this cape.
952 158 824*48
6.Chanai Rakuno Scenic Viewpoint
Overlooks vast, green pastoral landscapes.
614 846 086*70
7.Hosooka Scenic Viewpoint
Overlooks Kushiro River, famous for its sunsets.
149 654 402*87
Tanchou Kushiro Airport