Route Story
The Tokachi area is known as Japan's leading agricultural area, as well as the birthplace of Hokkaido confectionery and a location with gardens full of flowers. Take in the expansive views Hokkaido is famous for on a drive through this area.

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Tokachi Obihiro Airport
1.Former Aikoku Station
Tour the former station building known as a lover's sanctuary.
2.Former Kofuku Station
Tour the former station building known to bring happiness.
3.Rokka Forest
This vast land is full of seasonal flowers. Facilities also include an art museum.
4.The Churui Museum of Naumann's Elephant
The Nauman elephant discovered in this area is on display. Hot springs are also available.
5.Roadside station kosumoru Taiki
Come here for sightseeing information and shopping. A variety of space-related goods are also available.
6.Jewelry Ice in Toyokoro
This mysterious phenomenon can be seen on the sandy beaches at the mouth of the Tokachi River from mid-January until the end of February.
7.Ikeda Wine Castle
The exterior of this wine castle is reminiscent of an old castle. Experience Hokkaido wine-making here.
8.Naitai Plateau Ranch
Watch cattle graze on the approximately 1,700 ha. of the largest public pastures in Japan.
9.Lake Shikaribetsu
A lake that tells a story of primeval nature. Bathe in area hot springs and enjoy a host of activities.
Rare beef carefully raised for consistent quality.
11.Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden
Buy confections or enjoy confectionery-making and factory tours.
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12.Rokkatei Obihiro head office
Enjoy famous Obihiro confections in the tea room.
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Obihiro Station