Route Story
See a different side of Hokkaido along this route, such as the history of the coal-mining town and highest-quality melon producer, Yubari City; the Ororon Line, which features magnificent views of the Sea of Japan; and fields where 1.5 million sunflowers bloom.

361㎞ 7H55M

New Chitose Airport
1.Yubari-melon Dome
Savor the flavor and learn the history of Yubari's famous melons.
700 138 737*44
2.Yūbari Coal Mine Museum
Learn the history of Yubari coal mining that supported Hokkaido's economy.
320 839 814*72
Enjoy traditional Bibai Yakitori, which achieves its flavor by using even the internal organs.
4.Sunagawa Highway Oasis&Hokkaido Kodomo no Kuni
Explore the massive area with a care-free spirit.
179 067 332*80
5.Hokuryu of sunflower village
Himawari-no-Sato boasts 1.5 million sunflower blooms, the most in Japan.
179 870 706*66
6.Mashike shrimp
Mashike Town on the Sea of Japan is famous for shrimp and octopus, which taste incredible over rice.
7.Ororon Line
A 380 km route with an excellent view of the Sea of Japan.
8.Ai Road Yuhinooka Information Centre
Praised for soba made with local ingredients and unique souvenirs.
514 862 215*13