Route Story
Central Hokkaido Route 1 is surrounded by the sea, mountains and rivers. This is an excellent place for cuisine, such as kokanee and other fresh sushi harvested from these famous waters. Views along the route include the famous blue color of the waters around Shakotan, Mt. Yotei and the Otaru Canal.

268㎞ 5H41M

New Chitose Airport
1.Lake Shikotsu
Lake Shikotsu is the northernmost lake in Japan that doesn't freeze over in the winter.
708 084 110*37
2.Mushroom Kingdom
The rare mushrooms here are grown in the warm waters of the Kitayuzawa hot springs. The mushroom soup is a must-try!
759 105 443*41
3.Fukidashi park
Taste these famous Hokkaido waters that constantly bubble up without pause.
385 674 716*30
4.Roadside station Niseko view plaza
Find Niseko sightseeing information here. Cuisine made with local ingredients is also available.
398 174 591
5.Shinsen-numa Marsh
The mysterious atmosphere of these wetlands are an excellent place for some nature therapy.
398 551 196*41
6.Niseko Panorama Line
This route features amazing views of Mt. Yotei and the Sea of Japan.
7.Shakotan Peninsula
Fresh sushi made from seafood harvested from the Sea of Japan.
8.Cape Kamui
The vast sea known for its incredible Shakotan blue color and the dignified Kamui rock.
932 582 660*70
9.New Shakotan-Gou
Travel through an underwater park of crystal clear Shakotan waters.
775 777 623*41
Go picking for strawberries, cherries or apples!
The downtown area boasts historic structures such as the Otaru Canal.